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Katy Perry’s Purr Fragrance Launch
Katy Perry's Purr Frangrance Launch in Miraim Salat Medallion Cuff Katy Perry hosted a private party at the Bowery Hotel in New York City for the launch of her Purr Fragrance. Katy looked radiant in an aubergine Jean Paul Gaultier dress, purple medallion Miriam Salat cuff and sparkly red Louboutins. The second time in a week that Katy wore Miriam Salat!
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Katy Perry in Miriam Salat bangles & ring!
Katy Perry Purr Fragrance in Miriam Salat Katy Perry fragrance launch Purr in Miriam Salat bangle and ring Katy Perry Purr Frangrance in Miriam Salat purple bubble ring Katy Perry in Miriam Salat purple bangles and purple bubble ring to compliment her Zack Posen dress at her Purr Fragrance launch in NYC which took place in a purple milk truck!
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