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DJ Lindsay Luv Miriam Salat
Lindsay Luv is an it-girl DJ with an amazing sense of style. Her career has really taken off, enabling Lindsay to travel all over the world and share her talent. Quite the fashionista, Lindsay has impressed us with her rocker chic style and is often accessorizing with Miriam Salat jewels! It's always amazing to see how she blends our pieces with different outfits. Lindsay stepped out at Joe Jonas’s birthday party, Fashion's Night Out and more while wearing some of her favorite MRM pieces like the Majestic ring and the hot pink Salvador ring. In our exclusive interview Lindsay opened up about her exciting life as a DJ, her musical influences and the many places she has been. Read the interview below to learn more about Lindsay. What brought you into the DJ and music industry? My love for music! I always knew I wanted to work with music from a young age and started on the business side in artist management, development and music event marketing and production and eventually made my way into DJing which quickly became a full time gig! As a big traveler do you have any top destinations? If yes which ones and why? I’ve DJed abroad in some amazing destinations. Switzerland was totally magical. I loved how everything looked like it was out of a storybook and people were so friendly. Plus the fondue and chocolates were divine. More recently I toured out to India and was blown away. India is such a rich and welcoming culture. I love the colorful fashions of the Sari’s worn by women zipping by on mopeds and all the spicy chutneys and dips. I really enjoy traveling and/or touring anywhere exotic. I am planning a trip to Thailand this year, as I love beautiful beaches, great Thai massages and thai food is my favorite! Everything I hear about Thailand makes me want to visit there! I also would like to make it to Istanbul, Austria and Croatia. I love cities with lots of history and gothic inspired/medieval looking or ancient architecture plus winding streets to get lost in. What kind of accessories is complementing your daily looks? Obviously Miriam Salat! I love how Miriam Salat pieces can be worn very edgy or totally classic. When I am feeling rocknroll I throw on a Miriam Salat cuff and the cross ring, or if I am feeling more dainty I will throw on a pair of dangly stone earrings and a thin bangle. Which Miriam Salat pieces do you think are the most reflecting your styles and personalities? The black ring with the silver and turquoise cross is part of my everyday look! I never want to take it off. It is edgy and makes a statement all on it’s own. It is the one piece I wear every day! I also love the blinged out lion’s head cuff for special occasions. I love a sparkly statement piece for events! If you could design any accessory, what would it be?  Describe its look, and why, and what it would be made of? I would make a wide black resin cuff with a rose gold doorknocker lion’s head in the middle with black diamond eyes on the head and a ring through it’s nose and the words “The Lion’s Roar” scripted inside the piece. You heard it here first, so when can we make it?!
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