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Get To Know DJ Kissette
Marsha and Sandra Krcmar also known as DJ kissette came by the Miriam Salat showroom to play dress up and select pieces for their tour. Within the assortment of jewelry they loved our, ivory Double Lion Head Cuff, navy Faceted Stone ring, Basic watermelon Bangle, chalcedony Dot Bangle, black Dot Bangle, clear Starry Night Bangle, hot pink Starlet Bangle, blue Starlet bangle, black Bedazzled teardrops, hot pink Nugget earring, ivory Elephant Bangle and black Scallop Cuff. The rambunctious divas looked great while modeling the collection and were enthused by the fun medley of jewelry.The rambunctious divas looked great while modeling the collection and we loved spending time getting to know them! Read on for our exclusive interview! What brought you into the DJ and music industry? MK: I've always had a passion for music and with the growing scene of EDM it makes it easy for people to follow their passions. SK: I'm in love with sound and people. The generic saying of "music is a universal language", as cliche as it is, is still very true - it does express the inexpressible. As a big travelers do you have any top destinations? If yes which ones and why? MK: If the climate is warm and by the water I love it! Also, if the destination carries any history I'm also in love. Obviously the destination has to love to party if KISSETTE is there ;) SK: Bora Bora. French Polynesia embraces a vast ocean area with 118 islands and atolls scattered, each carrying their own mystique aka Heaven Earth. Don't believe me - Google it. What kind of accessories are complementing your daily looks? MK: I love bold necklaces and layering bracelets that are customizable to your own personality. SK: I love large and in charge pieces. Usually a loud ring, or bracelet - but not worn together. I also love watches usually of the classical juxtaposing nature. Which Miriam Salat pieces do you think are the most reflecting your styles and personalities? MK: I'm absolutely IN LOVE with pink Faceted Stone ring. SK: I'm in love with the ivory snake bangle, lion head cuff, clear medallion cuff as well as the pink faceted stone ring. If you could design any accessory, what would it be? Describe its look, and why, and what it would be made of? MK:I love all kinds of jewellery so it would be hard to just design one! I'd probably start with necklaces that were really dainty and feminine. Then I'd move onto rings as bracelets. Right now though I'm really into the cleopatra headpieces that I first saw Nicole Richie do! SK: I would probably explore unorthodox uses of gem settings within metal frames for rings. Unrefined cuts, mix of stones drawing inspiration from architecture of Roman ruins.
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Dj Kissette x Walter Baker
The sister act duo Dj Kissette Marsha and Sandra Krcmar, worked their magic at the presentation of Walter Baker’s new Spring 2013 line “W118 by Walter Baker fashion show while wearing fabulous Faceted Stone rings. Marsha wore a pretty pink Faceted Stone ring with a chic turquoise center stone while, Sandra flashed a rust Faceted Stone ring with a smokey topaz center stone. The spin sisters redefined cool with the bold choice of rings, that went perfectly with the collection debuted.
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